Future Critical Minerals Are The Bedrock of a Prosperous, Clean Energy Future

With no substitute for the Earth’s finite supply of mined commodities, a basket of “Future Critical Minerals” underpins the world’s next chapter of economic growth

As the world experiences an accelerated transition to a clean energy economy, with a growing and rapidly urbanizing global population, we believe that we are on the precipice of a rapid escalation in commodity demand.

Given the finite supply of mined materials, a confluence of existing and new demand themes presents a compelling case for the next commodity super-cycle and the emerging importance of Future Critical Minerals; those metals and materials that will fuel the transition to a clean energy economy and support growing and rapidly industrializing populations and the world’s long-term demand for new and replacement infrastructure.

Miners will be the new Standard Oil of the electrification process. People know ‘more and more about less and less’ and the generalists will have to rely heavily on the specialists in an area like mining.

Robert Friedland

Future Critical Minerals

In our view, this increasing structural disconnect between supply and demand, compounded by a widening range of above-ground issues, underpins strong fundamentals and provides a compelling case for investment into the sector. LHR focuses on 4 key baskets:

Clean Energy Minerals are those which will be essential to the transition to a low-carbon economy through the deployment of new technologies, ranging from electric vehicles to renewables and energy storage.

Rare Earth Elements

Industrial Metals which are required to support the world’s long-term demand for new and replacement infrastructure in support of rapidly urbanizing populations in developing markets and significant infrastructure investment in developed markets.

Mineral Sands