We believe our ability to generate sustainable, long-term returns for our investors is rooted in our differentiated approach to investing in sustainable mining businesses that support the green energy transition.

LHR’s strategy is to target long-life, pre-production, lowest cost quartile mining projects that are run by best-in-class management teams that will produce minerals to be sold into large, liquid end-markets.

In our experience, projects with this combination of attributes provide the greatest opportunity to benefit from LHR’s active involvement; supported by our track record which demonstrates our ability to successfully bring assets from pre production to production

Relationship Led, Data-Driven Approach to Generating Proprietary Investment Opportunities

We emphasize building long-term relationships.

We take a collegiate approach to working with management teams to build successful mining companies; leveraging our privileged networks and reputation as strong, value-added partners to gain global access to high-quality assets and management teams on a first look basis.

Dedicated Focus on High-Quality, Pre-Production Mining Projects Supplying Future Critical Minerals

We apply "through the cycle" thinking to investing.

Our team’s experience and expertise in the mining sector enables us to accurately evaluate and underwrite investments into pre-production mining assets at discounts to intrinsic value, given our ability to assess a projects potential for success better than the market. Our through the cycle thinking helps ensure that we are not victim to volatility in commodity prices.

Preference for Growth-Oriented, Influential Minority Stakes

Providing a number of strategic benefits.

Our preference for influential minority stakes offers a number of significant strategic benefits which include access to the best quality assets and management teams, more attractive entry prices and stronger alignment with owner-operator management teams who are seeking a partner, not an owner. We do not demand control, but look to effect change through our ability to influence key project outcomes by providing valuable insights.

An Active Partnership Approach

More than just capital, we provide hands on support.

We take an active approach to working with our portfolio companies on the ground to positively influence outcomes by providing direct insights and hand-on support at critical milestones – improving outcomes while decreasing risk to help ensure the success of the project.