Investing in Future Critical Minerals

Our core focus is on providing patient, strategic, and committed growth equity to finance the development and production of sustainable mining businesses.

Lionhead Resources (LHR) is a mining-focused private equity firm that is investing in and building mines that will deliver Future Critical Minerals, those metals and materials essential for the transition to a low-carbon, greener economy and the development of a growing and rapidly urbanizing global population.

LHR’s team brings together a group of partners and senior advisors with over 200 years of accumulated first-rate expertise. Our deeply experienced mining and investment professionals have worked in leading companies alongside some of the most inspiring leaders in the sector, and share a history of working together to generate long-term value. LHR is now building on this long legacy of successful investing in the sector.

LHR’s investment philosophy is centered on delivering long-term, sustainable returns while making a positive impact on both the companies in which we invest and the communities in which they operate.

LHR is backed and supported by Lionhead Capital - a global multi-strategy principal investment firm that invests private capital into attractive, long-term opportunities.